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Forests, meadows, mountains, lakes, alpine pastures, floodplains, moorland, ravines, caves, cabins, waterfalls, ruins, castles. Through WILD MEDIA, Österreichische Bundesforste (Austrian Federal Forests) offers creative professionals from around the world access to a wide range of exceptional natural locations across its lands.

From the Arlberg mountain range to the Donau-Auen National Park and from the Dachstein glacier to Wörthersee Lake. That’s a huge cinema, with 850,000 hectares of natural land.

Our Services

We help you in finding the right natural setting for your film shoot, photo shoot or promotion, or in identifying the ideal location for an unforgettable event. We also contribute to the conservation of natural areas as part of Greenvolvement partnerships – for example through tree planting or species conservation projects.

We place great emphasis on the respectful treatment of nature and show serious consideration for ecological concerns and regional features. Sensitive areas such as breeding and spawning grounds are avoided.

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