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Austrian Federal Forests

Where nature is at home

As no other company Österreichische Bundesforste (ÖBf) are responsible for Austria's nature. Managing 10% of the national territory and 15% of Austria's woodland the Bundesforste are the largest ecosystem manager, forest managing company and owner of hunting and fishing licenses.

Sustainability forms the guiding principle for all ÖBf activities. The company translates this principle into practice by placing equal value on the protection of environment, the needs of society and commercial success.

Protection and management of nature

The protection of nature and environment is an integral part of all ÖBf activities. In addition, the company has initiated numerous projects for the protection of species and ecosystems. The foundation for these projects is provided by the profitable management of natural resources.

Responsibility for man and society

Intact landscapes, healthy forests, clean water and fresh air are decisive factors for the high quality of life in our country. ÖBF join together with partners from the tourism and recreation industries to provide an extensive leisure-time offering in this unique nature land. By supporting the production of renewable energies, ÖBf make an important contribution to the protection of our climate.

Management of natural resources

The Österreichische Bundesforste are managing natural resources on behalf of the Republic of Austria, including 15% of the total forest ares and more than 100 lakes. The company is profit-oriented and works in lean, decentralized structures. After its reorganization in 1997, ÖBf are now a stock corporation paying an annual usefruct compensation (50%) of the net profit to the Republic. Core business is the forestry management, additional areas of business are real estate and services.


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